Die beiden Lofi-Hip-Hop-Musiker Kent_Williams und iLL SCOTT haben das Album Colden Coast über das britische Label Acorn Tapes veröffentlicht. Sowohl Albumtitel als auch die Titel der Songs spielen auf die amerikanische Westküste um San Francisco an. In der Beschreibung zum Album heißt es von Kent Williams:

Like most producers we have some beliefs bout sampling, and feel that youtube is cheating. Most folks these days don’t put in the time to learn a piece of hardware, and miss out on the experience of finding that golden sample randomly in some cruddy dollar bin somewhere. We are proud to say that we are all vinyl, except for the occasional interview or vocal stab. With a nod to the golden era of hiphop and its birth place. Golden Coast is a tribute to our favourite local kick it spots all over the Golden Coast of California. Whether it be driving on a rainy day, hitting the slopes for a day of skiing, kicking back and getting some work done, or a cypher with the homies. These beats are for you.